Monday, May 30, 2011

Iran Helps Syria Crush Protestors

Iran in Syria (WashPost)

U.S. officials say Iran is dispatching increasing numbers of trainers and advisers — including members of its elite Quds Force — into Syria to help crush anti-government demonstrations that are threatening to topple Iran’s most important ally in the region.
This story is worth following. Imagine if NATO had done in Syria what it is doing in Libya? The road to Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, all pass through Syria. If the outcome could be controlled - and we all know how that goes - encouraging reform in Syria would be a much richer strategic prize than even a perfect outcome in Libya. The good news in both cases is the insurgents are well motivated and dedicated - and on the right side of history. We have shifted from the days when everything that went wrong was blamed on America (irrespective of cause) to a new appreciation for allied efforts to assist even in cases that are not as strategically vital (Libya) as others (Syria).

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