Saturday, May 14, 2011

Use a Network to Fight a Network

A few items have come out of late that in general terms discuss mirroring the enemy in order to defeat it.

General McChrystal's piece in FP, It Takes A Network, briefly recounts how JSOC and later ISAF adapted to the threat they faced.

NDU's Chris Lamb and Evan Munsing, have recently released "Secret Weapon: High-value Target Teams (HTT) as Organizational Innovation", as their release states:
All three innovations—networked-based targeting, fusion of intelligence and operations, and counterterrorist-counterinsurgency integration—required unprecedented collaboration between diverse departments and agencies and between SOF and conventional forces. Together, these innovations set the stage for the dramatic reversal of the security situation in Iraq in 2007.

PBS' great Frontline program has added a video coda to these writings in its "Kill/Capture" program and its inside the Taliban look at enemy operations in Afghanistan, "Fighting for bin Laden"

MILINT innovation is taking place here.

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