Thursday, June 30, 2011

New CT Strategy Released June 29

The Obama Administration released its new CT Strategy. As with all US official 'strategy' documents, its really a statement of principles than a detailed ends, ways, means, program of action with detailed activities and budget items etc. Overall, its an unremarkable statement aside from the outline of a clear trend line of success spelled out within it overall, and in particular areas, especially in SE Asia.

Monday, June 27, 2011

How the Military Teaches Strategy from Rick's Best defense

Over on Tom Rick's Best Defense there is an ongoing and worthwhile debate about PME - Professional Military Education. As a PME professor I have more than a passing interest in the debate. Here Rick's has a great satirical take on the teaching of strategy. The strategy form is pretty funny because its so on point! I plan on writing a longer piece on how we think about strategy, the failure of the DIME template, powerpoint and other simplifications of complex ideas and history. But other issues are pressing just now. Watch this space.

Paying Tribute to Lady Spies

The Post has a great story on two war hero's. They remind me of another great wartime agent, Nancy Wake, aka the White Mouse. A HT to all our sisters in arms. (Photo: AWM)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Drone Base for Yemen Ops Reported by AP

AP source: US special ops target Yemeni al-Qaida with CIA drones to join from new base later
AP Intelligence Writer
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The United States is building a secret CIA air base in the Persian Gulf region to target terrorists in Yemen, preparing for the possibility that an anti-American faction may take over Yemen and ban U.S. forces from hunting a lethal al-Qaida faction there, The Associated Press has learned.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

China Steps Up Spratly Pressure

China uses remote system to plan flag on floor of SC Sea (Photo Credit: NY Times)
From AP wire reported in Salon

Chinese Ambassador Liu Jianchao denied that his government committed any intrusion. He said China has not started to drill for oil there and warned others to stop any oil exploration in the area without Beijing's permission. China claims the entire South China Sea. "We're calling on other parties to stop searching for the possibility of exploiting resources in these areas where China has its claims," he told reporters.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

OPEC Meeting and Saudi views on US energy independence

OPEC meets today to see if they can agree to increase supply to get the price down.

Over on Fareed Zakaria's GPS a Saudi sets forth his price point. This is quite a contrast to another member of the family, and former Ambassador to the US, who argued in 2009 that US energy independence was  a stupid and dangerous concept! A point of view he reiterated in person.

Update: More statements from the former diplomat, Prince Turki al-Faisal. He does not seem to grasp the changing US - Israeli relationship and its implications for the subject about which he writes.

Human Intelligence in Counterinsurgency: Persistent Pathologies in the Collector-Consumer Relationship

From the nice guys over at SWJ. I am currently OCONUS and connectivity very sparse.

Human Intelligence in Counterinsurgency: Persistent Pathologies in the Collector-Consumer Relationship