Monday, July 18, 2011

Pakistan-US Relationship - Colbert Nails It

Ok so this is a serious policy wonk military intelligence blog for 99% of the time... and I'll occasionally go off the reservation when circumstances go beyond belief.. witness the LSE.... But I have got to hand it to Colbert and his writers, they have hit a satirical home run on the nature of our relationship to Pakistan. In this 5 min segment before the interview with Tim Garton Ash, which is insightful on the domestic-international interface in its own right, Colbert shows how self-defeating our relationship with Pakistan has become. Its funny because its so on point. Quote of the day on the role of Pakistan supply lines into the war in Afghanistan "who cares, that war is unwinnable. Yes, but with out their help, we cant keep fighting it"....  Then later, on aid to Pakistan... "you just gave him [terrorist] my money!"... Response.. "I have heard these disturbing rumors and will conduct a thorough internal investigation, which will require more money".

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