Thursday, July 7, 2011

PME - Student ROE for AY 2012 The X rated edition

Thinking about the intro brief to the start of the year... and somehow this perfect storm of a list came to mind. In order of priority - this is how you survive PME in my classroom with my accent.

No, you are the one's with the accent - here's a simple guide to understanding your new professor.
Seminar ROE - The Complete Code applies - but pay particular attention to rule 3.
Why I became American - Merica got mad skilz!
How your professor will react if you dont follow The Code.
What you should expect from this class - its going to be a fun year. And unlike Cameron Diaz, I do give an F.
Political Philosophy 101 - or the origins of the Arab Spring.
Make sure your papers are right the first time or it could get ugly.
The intersection of military operations and the history of decolonization.
Strategy and International Affairs in a nutshell.
International Officers - why TOEFL is important - its all about context.

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