Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Hinsley Raid - A Video

MIL INT with The Cardinal 1994 St John's College, Cambridge
Professor Sir Harry Hinsley, is featured in the in THIS documentary on breaking the enigma code. For non US viewers, it is the "ULTRA Enigma" episode of the The Secrets of War documentary.

At 21:22 minutes into the program he talks about the sinking of HMS GLORIOUS. He had warned Admiralty about the threat and they did not listen to him. After all he was just 24 years old at the time.

30:19 minutes he then talks about a superb operation to get the naval codes from German trawlers - an Op that he himself devised. The Cardinal of Bristol at the time was also named Hinsley (no relation), so Harry's code name became The Cardinal. The shortest British Naval signal of WWII was "The Cardinal", sent in answer to Admiral Cunningham's request to know on what authority he was being ordered to shift the Med Fleet to an AO that made no sense to him. In a 'life is stranger than fiction' tidbit, MIL INT learned the arts of naval warfare in Cunningham Division at BRNC Dartmouth.

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